WaveGarden interview (english titles) Basque man-made waves

Josema Odriozola, co-founder and Technical Director of Wavegarden, says he and his team developed their simulated wave system as a way of providing surfing opportunities for people living a long way from the coast.

“We are all surfers; the sea and beach were our favorite sporting environments. We wanted to replicate that in areas without a coastline,” he says.

The Wavegarden project was presented in San Sebastian on February 15th: Via a video presentation, company reps unveiled the artificial wave, which they had built right in the middle of the Basque Countryside.

The artificial wave generator, which received a 500,000 €uro government subsidy, was tested out prior to its official opening, in a lake situated in Aizarnazabal, a small town in Gipuzkoa.

“We’ve received really good feedback from many surf professionals, even World champions,” says Odriozola. “That pushes us towards our next goal.”

Wavegarden, explains the engineer, is currently capable of producing one metre-high waves though by this summer, they plan to present an updated version capable of producing waves 1.6 metres in height, enough to organise a world championship.

Following the initial pilot phase, a leisure centre in the Basque Country is expected to install a Wavegarden in its facilities, most probably in Zarautz.

“I’ve never been to a Gym or sports center,” says Odriozola. “The sea has always been my sporting arena. But if I lived inland, no waves, no sea… I’d rather come here any day.”

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