Barcelona International Water Polo Academy @Biwpa, in  |  There are exclusive places in the world where water polo is carried out in a special way. You can visit and lose yourself in a city and find with each step, a club where you can practice water polo. Barcelona is one of those cities, and it is precisely where BIWPA has its headquarters.

Barcelona International Water Polo Academy was founded after the Olympic Games in London. Inspired by the Olympic dream that every player has on their horizon, its founder Cristina Marín wanted players from all over the world to take advantage of an academy dedicated exclusively to the athlete in their double training: sports and academics. A goal difficult to achieve in other parts of the planet but in Barcelona it was possible because of the competitiveness of the sport and the great opportunities offered by the city.

BIWPA has three main services. Water Polo Camps, Training Camps and the Academy. The first of them are the Camps that are usually organized in Barcelona during Christmas, Easter and Summer vacations where there is world-class participation from players such as the great Felipe Perrone, Dani López Pinedo, Xavi García, and of course our ambassador Anni Espar.

The BIWPA Training Camps focus mainly on teams that come to Barcelona to improve their collective performance through scheduled training and scrimmages with other teams to help them improve their competitiveness. A service that has already been used by many Universities, North American Clubs and High Schools as well as many other teams from different parts of the world.

But the spearhead of BIWPA is the Academy. Can you imagine spending a long period of time in Barcelona training water polo, playing in Spain and also getting to know one of the best cities in the world? Well, it’s what BIWPA can offer you through its intensive water polo program at the Academy. An unforgettable experience that you will have for the rest of your life and that you will always remember with much admiration.

Also, thanks to the agreement reached with ES International School, more than 20 boys and girls from all over the world have already used this resource to continue progressing in their favorite sport to grow as athletes and as students, combining sports and academic training. Even the prestigious The Wall Street Journal has taken this initiative as a good practice.

Many people have been in contact with BIWPA to live out this unique experience. From the United States to New Zealand, through Brazil, Scotland and Singapore. The great sporting success that BIWPA has is due in most part to the ability and experience of our Technical Director Quim Colet, who has spent a lifetime dedicated to this sport. First as a player, but especially his extensive curriculum on the benches of the main Spanish teams, finishing as Technical Director of the prestigious Swimming Catalan Federation. In these moments at the foundation of Spanish water polo, forming one of the best sports models of the country and an intricate member of the technical staff of the Spanish selection team led by Rafa Aguilar between 2005 and 2013. Colet was the junior coach of Spain, being one of the few with numerous championships, if not the only coach in the world who has achieved a bronze, silver and gold at Junior World

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